Welcome to Explizit's customer portal

 Important information about Chemsoft and Chemical Helpdesk support, se below.

The Explizit customer service is open Monday-Friday 08.00-17.00 (CET +01.00). The day before certain Swedish holidays we are open 08.00-13.00 (CET +01.00).


Here you will find all the information needed for you as an Explizit customer. You can register an incident, handle current incidents, download files for updates, read our latest news and much more.


As a Customer Portal user you will access information regarding the products and services provided to you by Explizit.


If you’re a new user you click Create new user and fill in your user data. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail  containing a password. You will then be able to sign in.


Should you experience any problems with the customer portal please call the Explizit customer service at +46 10 709 90 43 (Chemsoft), +46 10 709 90 42 (Interbook and Wärna) or +46 10 709 91 99 (Adoxa).

Important information about Chemsoft and Chemical Helpdesk support:
We will launch a new Customer Portal on June 26th.
Ongoing cases are handled in the "Old Portal" until they are resolved, but you will not be able to register new cases after June 26. 
Access: If you already have an account in Explizit's customer portal, you will receive a link via email to enable your access to the new Customer Portal. Otherwise you can register as a user. 

The new customer portal can be found at http://support.expenv.se - Welcome!